We offer a premium level of care and attention when boarding your pets

Please see West Chester Pet Resort if you’d like to place your pet in a resort setting for vacation and/or daycare services

Courthouse Rd Animal Hospital includes indoor heated and cooled kennels and runs that are security monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our feline clients are placed in the cattery to keep them in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere.

All dogs that stay with us are walked three times daily. Additional walks are available upon request. Our staff comes in multiple times during weekend and holiday hours for walks, feedings, medicating and cleaning. Other services available are bathing, nail trims, grooming as well as gourmet pet treats.

If your pet takes medication on a regular basis, please bring your medicine, clearly labeled with instructions. The veterinary assistants will administer medication at your request. There are daily charges for giving medications, or treatments, dependent upon the number of different medicines that your pet needs.

Feel free to check-in on your pet while you are away. We welcome phone calls from our clients who would like to know how their pet is doing during their stay with us.

Reservations are recommended, as we cannot guarantee that space will be available without prior arrangement.

You may check-in or pick-up your pet during regular business hours. Major holiday and Sunday drop-off or pick-up is not available through Courthouse Rd Animal Hospital. West Chester Pet Resort does offer a Sunday check-in / check-out services from 10:00AM - NOON and 2:00PM – 5:00PM.
Our veterinary staff is here to address any medical needs that may arise while your pet is boarding. We recommend that you provide us with a contact phone number so that we may inform you of any changes in your pets while you are away.

All of our canine and feline guests are fed prescription Purina Veterinary Diet foods. Clubbers will be fed EN (Gastroentric Diet) for balanced nutrition. For those who have sensitive constitutions we will offer Prescription Purina FortiFlora, a probiotic that balances intestinal bacteria for pets who suffer from intestinal problems.

For those vacationing guests who might need a little freshening up before they go home we offer Boarding and Spa Bathes. These bathes are for the pets groomed on regular basis and just need a little touch up bath or the short-haired breeds that don’t require much upkeep. They are strictly a bath and brushing – nothing else. Short-haired canines will get a bath and thorough brushing removing as much of the loose undercoating as possible. Long-haired canines will be bathed and brushed out at the time immediately following their bath. This is not recommended for the finicky owners or prissy pets. If you’d like a professional groom please make an appointment with our Professional Pet Stylist & Groomer.

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View Boarding Policy and Things You Should Know About Canine Cough and Stress Colitis

Vaccination Requirements for Boarding:


Vaccines required for dogs are:

  • 1 and/or 3 year Rabies
  • 1 and/or 3 year DHPP-C (includes Distemper and Parvo)
  • 1 year Canine Influenza Vaccine (H3N2/H3N8)
  • Every 6 months Infectious Tracheobronchitis (aka Kennel Cough or Bordetella) vaccine
  • Every 6 months negative fecal exam
  • Annual Heartworm test (tests for Heartworm disease)

Vaccines required for indoor cats are:

  • Annual Rabies
  • Annual FVRCP
  • Annual negative fecal
  • Proof of negative FELV/FIV test (once in their lifetime)

Vaccines required for outdoor cats or cats that go outside are:

  • Annual FVRCP
  • Annual FELV
  • 1 and/or 3 year Rabies
  • Annual negative fecal
  • Annual FELV/FIV test

If your dog or cat is not current on any of these vaccines, our staff will be happy to send them to our Veterinarians on site and have them vaccinated at an additional charge. Examinations are required if any vaccines are needed and an office visit fee will apply in addition to the cost of the vaccines.  State law requires our veterinarians to perform a physical exam before administering any vaccines to ensure a pet is healthy enough.