Pamper your furry friend with a luxurious day at the spa with our professional staff


Our professional Groomer will provide first class pampering and grooming. A spa bath visit includes bathing, light trim, ear cleansing, anal gland expression, and finishing with a bandana or bow and cologne. A spa haircut visit includes all of the above plus haircut. Special treatments available on request.

Grooming services are by appointment only as our groomer is quite popular and pets will be done in the order that they arrive. If you'd like to get pick up them up at a particular time, please be sure to let the staff now when you are checking your pet in.  And if you'd like to pick your pet up early, ask about our Zoom Groom services.

At this time, our Grooming services are only available through West Chester Pet Resort.  Please call West Chester Pet Resort for your pet's next grooming appointment, 804-796-3632.  


Special Services

Oatmeal Shampoo
This special shampoo is designed to gently cleanse and deeply moisturize the skin and coat of pets with very dry, itchy or sensitive skin.

Deep Conditioning Treatment
This special rinse is formulated to help relieve dry, itchy, sensitive skin. This unique formula helps restore natural skin oils and moisture, makes the coat more manageable and helps prevent tangles, and adds a high sheen to hair coat.

Nail Buffing (also known as "Dremel")
Nail buffing is a great way to shorten nails and remove sharp edges.  


This service includes a Toe Nail Trim, Shaving Paw Pads and Shaping the Feet.

Hairy Hygiene add-on

Offered for those here just for a bath and brush out but need a little something extra for the face, feet and sanitary areas.


FURminator Treatment
Reduce shedding and excess dander on your pets with the FURminator Treatment. This specialized FURminator shampoo and solution is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce excessive shedding and promote healthy skin and coats. Gently cleans without stripping natural oils to leave coats soft and shiny. Helps strengthen hair shaft and increase hair follicles to control unwanted shedding. Regular use helps reduce the amount of dander and hair in homes for a shed-less environment. This treatment is ideal for use in households with allergy sufferers. It dramatically reduces shedding by 60%-80% and be used on dogs and cats.

Holiday scented colognes
For the Christmas holidays we are offering Gingerbread or Sugarcookie scented colognes for all of our grooming clients. Your pets will smell so good you’ll just smother ‘em with kisses!