We use a simple otoscopic review to diagnose your pet’s ear problems

Otoscopic Review involves using a flexible fiber optic instrument to examine the outer and inne ear canal. Allowing the veterinarian to exactly what's going on down there.  Is it an irritation, infection, debris that's impacted, ear drum ruptured?  All of these can be detected the Ear Scope. We can even print off a picture for you to see what's going on.  Pets that undergo professional Otoscopic cleaning are sedated and will feel no discomfort from the procedure. The tip of the scope typically includes a specialized video camera for examining the area being cleaned, and can also include a tube for allowing tools to be used and fluids or samples to be taken from the affected area.

At Lyne Animal Hospitals, we have used the otoscope to quickly treat patients who have itchy, irritated ears.

If you believe your pet could benefit from our otoscopic technology, please contact us to make an appointment and meet with one of Lyne Animal Hospitals' veterinarians.